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How it works...

1. Sign up (no credit card required)

2. Check your email for a link

3. Click the link to complete your registration

4. Download and Install the Android Application

5. Login to the application to begin using the application

6. Login to your custom dashboard to view your data

View our FAQ page for more help getting started.

What's Included in Your FREE Trial? 

1. Use of the application on any compatible Android device

2. Operate the application under your normal work conditions

3. Access your custom web portal to review your safety and efficiency data

4. Includes access to Physical Distancing, Fall Detection, Ambient Noise Alerts, Ambient Light Alerts and much more 

Start your FREE Trial

Looking for a more robust DEMO or want to setup a larger trial group?  Contact us to set your organization up with an Enterprise Trial.

Thanks for submitting! Our team will reach out to you with instructions on how to complete your Free Trial shortly.

Disclaimer: Using your own device may limit the types of alerts you receive. Use of the Connect Up Technologies, LLC application requires the use of cellular and/or WiFi data. You are also solely responsible for all fees or charges you incur in connection with your use of your mobile device to access the App or Services, including but not limited to, data usage, texting, data overages, per-minute charges, roaming, and other telecom or access charges and you acknowledge that such fees or charges may apply and that you are solely responsible for such charges and fees.

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