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CAT® S42

The essential work phone

With this certified device and Sentinel Link™ pre-loaded, you can be assured that the data is validated and securely sent to the Connect Up servers. 

  • Extended battery life (4,200 mAh, 2 days life)

  • Faster connectivity NFC, Bluetooth® 5.0, dual-band wifi (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) enhanced camera (13 mega pixel primary)

  • Greater memory (3GB RAM + 32GB ROM storage)

  • Larger, brighter touchscreen (5.5”, 18.9 HD+)

  • Works with gloves and readable in full sunlight

  • Leading rugged credentials

  • Of course it’s drop-proof. It’s a Cat phone

Strong .png
easy to clean.png

Tested to Cat phones’ demanding rugged standards, the Cat S42 can handle itself in any environment you throw yourself into.

The Cat S42 is an Easy Clean smartphone in an integrated resiliant body. It has no need for additional protective cases which trap and accumulate germs. An essential hygiene detail for those who must keep on working.

To acheive its IP68 and MIL SPEC 810H ratings it surpasses rigourous dust and waterproof testing. 

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