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tech company who provides a 
preventative safety 
solutions to
high-risk industries.

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Who benefits?

Safety first focused organizations

Union & non-Union Workers

Insurance holders & carriers

Benefits of Preventative Safety

Notifications when employee enters Hazard Zone

Warn employee to follow safety procedure or use PPE based on proximity to the work site


Data collection is anonymous for  employee privacy


Know that your workers are taken care of in case of an incident with real-time notification and forensic data re-play


Lower operational costs and increase productivity with actionable reports and time/break management

Our Customers

Connect Up brings both safety and innovation to the construction industry and is helping to redefine the way we optimize our workforce and reduce our incident rates. The technology not only differentiates what we bring to every project, it positively impacts the rates we pay for insurance. In addition, the data we’re collecting is helping us modify how we staff projects which is saving both time and money.

Raymond Volpatt Jr.
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We are proud to be an inaugural reseller of Connect Up Technology in the construction industry and to bring workplace safety and optimization to a marketplace that is ripe for innovation. Our customers are always looking for ways to improve overall margins, ensure OSHA compliance, and optimize how field personnel manage their time and projects. Connect Up brings all of this to the table and is driving a new era in the construction and beyond.

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Technology Partners

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Proud Members and Champions of

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Awards and Recognitions

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