Connected Workforce

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Built for high-risk industries to improve safety & efficiency and reduce operational costs

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 Time management, workforce management and safety.

All rolled into one.


Download the Sentinel Link™ onto any Android device and start a 15 DAY FREE TRIAL 


Login to Sentinel Workforce™ from a smart device or PC


Monitor crew performance, safety, access secure data and reports in real-time



Connected Workforce Enterprise Solution

Built with privacy and security in mind, all data is anonymized and fully encrypted end-to-end.  The solution offers customization options from features to languages, making it truly built to fit any organization's needs. 

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Witness Corroboration: Gathers data from nearby devices to give the full picture and reports in the event of an accident

Black Box Built:  If there is a loss of connectivity, the embedded AI in Sentinel Link™ continues to monitor the safety of the wearer and provide alerts 

Device Management: Monitor the health of all devices such as battery life and  online status right from the dashboard

Empower Employees: With industry-first anti-bullying feature Peace of Mind™

Pre-Set Limits: Pre-set environmental limits based on OSHA guidelines or set your own limits

Smart Safety: Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Geo-Fencing Options: Easily set up Work Zones and Hazard Zones

Real-Time Alerts: View employee or workforce alert history

Sentinel Workforce™

Easy to read and customize, the Sentinel Workforce™ is a colorful dashboard that displays the secure data in real-time. 

Real-Time Dashboard

  • Employee Time Card detailed timeline of activity by employee

  • Real-Time Location know if your employees are in/out of the Work Zone

  • Alert Log and Notifications real-time notifications of any type of Alert such as: Fall Detection, Environmental Conditions, Manual Alarm, Peace of Mind™ and more!

Employee Record 

  • Lost Time Allocation displays how much time is lost based on categories: Late Check In, early Check Out, over Break time, Privacy Time outside of Breaks

  • Employee History detailed history of alerts, warnings and/or events

  • Employee Information fully customizable level of personal information is displayed

Sentinel Link™

Available to download onto existing Android devices, or comes pre-loaded on Certified Devices. Sentinel Link™ gathers the important data. 

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Powerful and Simple

  • Easy to use intuitive user interface with large, easy to read buttons  

  • Supports Multiple Languages configurable 

  • Easy Login  options for Employee ID, Email, NFC badge or QR code

  • Fully Secure anonymous data collection (based on unique ID) and fully encrypted

  • Proprietary Algorithms capture worker environmental data

Device Fleet Management

  • Set Limits set time limits for applications or restrict certain ones altogether

  • Theft Prevention track missing devices and lock down usage 

  • Remote Software Management seamless updates to entire workforce, or individual devices

Enterprise Devices

S42 Sentinel Link.png

CAT® S42

The Essential Work Phone

  • IP68, MIL-STD 810H

  • 5.5" Bright Screen

  • Works with Gloves On

  • Large Battery 

  • Ambient: Noise/Light

S48C Sentinel LInk.png

CAT® S48c

Built for your Day.

  • IP68, MIL-STD 810G

  • 5.0" Bright Screen

  • Works with Gloves on

  • Large Battery

  • Ambient: Noise/Light

  • Non-incendive (C1/D2)

S61 Sentinel Link.png

CAT® S61

Bigger. Better. Bolder. 

  • IP68, MIL-STD 810G

  • 5.2" Bright Screen

  • Works with Gloves on

  • Large Battery 

  • Ambient: Noise/Light/Indoor Air Quality

  • FLIR Sensor

  • Laser Measuring


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Connect Up brings both safety and innovation to the construction industry and is helping to redefine the way we optimize our workforce and reduce our incident rates. The technology not only differentiates what we bring to every project, it positively impacts the rates we pay for insurance. In addition, the data we’re collecting is helping us modify how we staff projects which is saving both time and money.

Raymond Volpatt Jr.
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We are proud to be an inaugural reseller of Connect Up Technology in the construction industry and to bring workplace safety and optimization to a marketplace that is ripe for innovation. Our customers are always looking for ways to improve overall margins, ensure OSHA compliance, and optimize how field personnel manage their time and projects. Connect Up brings all of this to the table and is driving a new era in the construction and beyond.

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